Nanjing Ham-Ning Co.,Ltd. with the factory GlazeKing Ceramics Technology Co. Ltd. has more than 20 years experience in the personalization and sublimation business.

To this day, Ham-Ning/GlazeKing is the only sublimation coating factory in China with joint European/Chinese management:

Our business idea is based on combining all advantages of the production location in China with European standards of quality, customer service and company values.

In this way, Ham-Ning/GlazeKing is a leading but also truly unique source for your sublimation products:

We are at home in China but we understand you better as we are under joint European/Chinese management.

In Nanjing and Zibo City, we are in direct partnership with the leading ceramic mug factories and our coatings are processed to international standards in advanced technology facilities - optimized synergy in a unique way.

As a result we provide best quality at a most efficient cost level with a comprehensive quality control system and short delivery times.

The new generation joint mug factories have a yearly capacity of over 100 million mugs with cooperating decal printing departments.

In our new strategically located and BSCI and Sedex audited coating factory we operate enclosed systems semi-automatic production lines with a daily capacity of more than 40,000 items.

Advanced efficiency and highest level of quality control are the main guidelines, but above all are our main principles:

Providing healthy living and working conditions for all our employees! The most important company value: 

our organization is only as good as all the people involved!

With these qualities we are convinced that Ham-Ning/GlazeKing is the safest, easiest accessible and most beneficial source of sublimation ceramic products worldwide.

You are warmly welcome to visit us and see for yourself !

Company Name: Nanjing Ham-Ning Co.,Ltd. / GlazeKing Ceramics Technology Co. Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer

Contact Person: Bond Li

Mobile: +86-1381 4021 007(whatsapp,wechat)

Internet:  www.glazekingsublimation.com


Email: info@ham-ning.com


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Bldg. D, 21 RuanJian Avenue

Nanjing, 210012, China

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Industrial Zone,Lishui District, Nanjing, China